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A Revolutionary App to Elevate Your Personal Growth and Self-Improvement Journey

What is Improve AI?

Improve AI is an innovative mobile app designed to support your self-improvement journey. Equipped with the powerful ChatGPT technology, it offers interactive communication, daily reflections, and personalized weekly feedback tailored to your goals.

Chat with AI

Engage in insightful conversations, ask questions, or even have the AI draft content for you. The possibilities are vast!

Daily Reflections

Respond to thought-provoking questions each day and cultivate a habit of self-awareness and reflection.

Personalized Feedback

Receive weekly feedback based on your daily notes. Gain insights, celebrate achievements, and receive guidance on areas of improvement.

Revolutionary Self-Improvement with Improve AI

Discover a unique way to self-improve and achieve your goals with the power of artificial intelligence.

  • Engage with ChatGPT for questions, assistance, and more.
  • Personalize your experience by providing goals and personal insights.
  • Maintain your daily notes locally on your device for privacy.
  • Receive insightful weekly feedback powered by AI.

Designed for both novices and enthusiasts alike, Improve AI ensures a personalized self-improvement journey tailored to each individual's needs.

Daily Notes & Weekly Feedback

Improve AI prompts users to keep daily notes which becomes the base for our revolutionary weekly feedback system.

  • Store daily insights and reflections securely on your device.
  • AI-generated feedback tailored to your progress and needs.
  • Actionable insights to keep you moving forward.

Make the most of AI's capability to understand and guide you through your self-improvement journey.

Stay updated and motivated with push notifications, ensuring you never miss an opportunity to reflect and grow.

Security & Privacy at its Core

Your privacy matters to us. Improve AI ensures that your data is protected and used only for enhancing your experience.

All your daily notes are stored locally on your device, ensuring we have no access to them. We pride ourselves on our commitment to security.

With transparent data policies, users can have peace of mind knowing that their information is used responsibly and securely.


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  • Daily Notes
  • Your Progress
  • Self Imporvment info

Pro Monthly

$32 / month

  • All of the free
  • Weekly feedbacks
  • AI Generated Personalized Motivation
  • AI Generated Personalized Improvment Tips
  • AI Generated Personalized Progress Plan
  • Chat With GPT 3.5-Turbo
  • Chat With GPT 4


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the primary purpose of the Improve AI app?

    The Improve AI app is designed for self-improvement. It allows users to communicate with ChatGPT to gain insights, ask questions, and get help in various aspects of self-betterment. Furthermore, the app encourages users to take daily notes and receive AI-driven weekly feedback on their progress.

  • After answering daily questions for a week, the app provides users with weekly feedback. This feedback, generated by our advanced AI, offers positive reinforcement on what the user did well and areas they can improve. It even suggests changes to make in daily life and a plan for the upcoming week.

  • Absolutely. The majority of your data is stored locally on your mobile device. Only minimal information, like your goals and a brief "about you" section, as well as various system data and less important meta data is stored on our servers to enhance app functionality. We prioritize user privacy and security.

  • The app gathers the user's email, payment status, selected payment plan (if any), user-defined goals, and the "about you" information. This information is essential for specific app functionalities but rest assured, we don't sell your data and access it only when necessary.

  • Yes, the app sends push notifications to remind users when they can generate their weekly feedback or when it's time to write a daily note. This ensures you stay on track with your self-improvement journey, but this option is optional.


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